Beyond Redwalls of CEG – Ep15: “The First Woman Engineer in India”

for Mathisarovar

I had the opportunity to talk about Roots and Wings with Hari, my fellow alum from College of Engineering, Guindy. I am thrilled to have four of the women from Roots and Wings provide their takes on what it meant to them to study engineering. Thank you, Nalini, Radha, Kalpa, and Indira! You can click on specific links (in the video description) to hear them talk.

40:45 – Wishes from Nalini Uhrig (1970 ECE)

43:10 – Wishes from Radha Murthy (1971 ECE)

44:05 – Wishes from Kalpa Gopal (1969 ECE)

45:05 – Wishes from Indira Premkumar (1966 EE)


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