The SCI-AI Podcast

I had the honor of speaking on Vivek Dahiya‘s SCI-AI Podcast about a number of AI-related topics.

Vivek had excellent questions for me:

  1. We all know that AI permeates all forms of our lives and lives with us the whole day in
    different forms. And this is just going to grow more significant in the future with innovations and discoveries in Artificial Intelligence. Do you think it is still dystopian to assume that AI will become an entity that will transform humans forever? For over 100,000 years, we have been biological creatures. Do you think that living with machines we can stay like that?
    Should that scare us or be hopeful that it will create more wealth, make us live longer, and have a better life in general than our previous generations?
  2. How important is it to democratize AI and bring ethics and regulation to what companies can
    build and can’t? I ask this because it looks like, of course, AI is going to be great for humanity, but historically we have seen that humans are not great at keeping good things to good people only. Hence, do you think that AI Ethics from inception is important?
  3. As we know, Augmented Intelligence uses deep learning and machine learning to provide
    humans with actionable data. So then, what is your opinion about AI augmenting human intelligence? How do machines and humans can work together to build an excellent future for humanity?
  4. Your book – Demystifying AI for the Enterprise mentions that – With increasing business process and workflow maturity, coupled with recent trends in cloud computing, IoT,
    cybersecurity, and advanced analytics, there is an understanding that the challenges of tomorrow cannot be solely addressed by today’s people, processes, and products. So what are those challenges and what kind of new processes or workflow working methods can be seen in the future?
  5. You have also written – Roots and Wings. Based on that and your research, could you share your views of women in technology and engineering? Now we see there are a lot of women
    becoming coders and founding Tech Startups.
  6. To build a robust AI, we need an immense amount of data to create great models. Can we please discuss the quality of data instead of the quantity? What are your views on
  7. What challenges do new and even established companies face in building and implementing AI? How difficult is it to implement something still being researched and discussed in the AI community?

Please give a listen and take a look at Vivek’s channel where you will find more such episodes.

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