My answers to three questions

When I mention my recently released book Leadership Lessons with The Beatles, people are curious about the background.

Bruce Rosenstein, Managing Editor of the journal Leader to Leader had three fascinating and insightful questions for me related to the book.

1. You have an extensive background in education and mentoring. How do these areas continue to inform your life on a day-to-day basis, and what role, if any, did they play in the research, planning, and writing of your new book?

2. Your technology and business backgrounds are also quite extensive. Based on the material in your book, or elsewhere, what commonalities between these fields do you see with the arts as a whole, not just music, especially as we move into a seemingly technology/AI-dominated future?

3. There continues to be a steady outpouring of books, videos, movies, and so on about or related to The Beatles. But do you find that people in young age groups worldwide have a strong awareness of and interest in The Beatles, not only in terms of their music, but their continued importance as a worldwide cultural phenomenon?

Want to know my answers?

Read it on his blog:

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