A Q&A on Leadership and my book

In this 15-minute interview with Angela Kochuba, who is the Managing Director of Federal Training Academy, I answer the following questions about leadership and “Leadership Lessons with The Beatles”

1. In the chapter, Help, you share leadership tips about being vulnerable and the 360-degree assessment. What advice do you have for people who are told in feedback sessions, and perhaps even performance appraisals, that they aren’t perceived as strong enough to lead? Because we know being vulnerable can pave the way toward innovative leadership, how do you manage the paradox of being vulnerable and being a strong leader?

2. In the chapter, When I’m Sixty-Four, you wisely state: “A leader who understands the conflicting priorities in her life and balances them has a better chance of getting to 64 without regrets.” You provide excellent insights about how to manage life well, so let’s go a bit beyond that chapter and extend this topic to answer what advice do you have for emerging and middle-level leaders to embody your concepts for not only themselves but for their staff?

3. And let’s close on one of my favorite chapters, Think for Yourself. What would you say to our audience members who want to step up in the workplace and think for themselves in order to be innovative? How can one truly stand out as an innovative leader?

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