Music is a Necessity

Stand up, and sing along with Peter, Paul, and Mary:

How did you feel when you were singing?  Inspired? Happy? Contemplative?

How many of you do your exercise while listening to music?

How many of you listen to music while driving?

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My self-imposed guidelines for engaging on LinkedIn and other social media

social media logos

When I started getting serious about engaging on the social media, I knew I had to trust my gut instincts as to what I would do and how I would behave. I decided to write this post to remind myself of the guidelines that have evolved over the past several months.

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Why I love LinkedIn

tiffanytlcbm - Linkedin pic


I didn’t say that to grab attention – scouts honor!

LinkedIn has enabled me to make tremendous progress on my current project to chronicle the lives of the pioneering women students of my Alma mater – College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, India. I hope the stories will encourage more girls to study engineering & science, enter the work force and be equal partners with men in shaping the future of the world, not just in India, but across the globe. My plan is to periodically post their stories, and eventually gather them for a book. I expect there are about 30 or so such stories to write, and every day I am making a little progress.

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