My Story in Anushka Sankaran’s book

Anushka is a highschooler (in 2020). She wrote the book, “To The Top – Anyone Can Do this“, and says, “by simply sharing stories of such successful women with a wide variety of backgrounds and journeys would help girls and women clearly see that journeys to tech and success can come from very different starting points, very different paths and every some choices that may look odd on the surfaces but are all very valid ways of reaching a goal or a dream.”

Anushka is sure to go to the top – can’t wait to see her journey!

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Quality attributes: Don’t forget them!

quality attributes

My experience in the software industry has been all about building enterprise solutions. Unlike Consumer focused solutions, Enterprise solutions have stringent non-functional requirements. The article Enterprise vs. Consumer startups describes five critical differences between the different types of startups, and two of these differences have to do with the so called quality attributes, Security, and Maintenance. I claim that we cannot afford to play down these requirements, even with consumer oriented software, especially when we are marching towards an economy that is driven by computer systems.

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