Women in AI Event on March 8, 2021, International Women’s Day

I had the honor of cohosting and emceeing the Women in AI inagural event of Deloitte’s Leading conversations in AI series on March 8, 2021, International Women’s Day. Here is a recap.

Women’s History Month 2021 – a self-reflection

image courtesy: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Carnegie Mellon University’s social media team gave me two prompts to answer during the Women’s History Month. The short tweet: Who influenced Shantha Mohan? Here is my long answer.

Q. What motivated you to go into Integrated Innovation as well as teaching?

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Beyond Redwalls of CEG – Ep15: “The First Woman Engineer in India”

for Mathisarovar

I had the opportunity to talk about Roots and Wings with Hari, my fellow alum from College of Engineering, Guindy. I am thrilled to have four of the women from Roots and Wings provide their takes on what it meant to them to study engineering. Thank you, Nalini, Radha, Kalpa, and Indira! You can click on specific links (in the video description) to hear them talk.

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SF Bay Area Tamil Manram -பெண்கள் சுய அதிகாரம்


ThumbnailThis is a webinar on women’s empowerment I gave to the members of SF Bay Area Tamil Manram. I shortened the length of delivery and created a video from the presentation with voice over.

Women and Self-Empowerment



Recently I was invited to give a talk on Women’s Empowerment at the San Francisco Tamil Manram.  This article is based on the webinar I delivered in Tamil. One of my mentees who is currently doing her engineering undergraduate was surprised by some of the challenges I mention.  That comes from belonging to the privileged class of women.  Keep in mind that when I talk about women, I am talking about all women in the world and my frame of reference is the Indian culture.  Challenges unique to women in technical professions are also discussed.

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Indian Women in Engineering – Past, Present, and Future

In the early twentieth century, we considered engineering education a man’s prerogative. Civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering were the main engineering disciplines.  Today, engineering encompasses many more specializations such as computer engineering, software engineering, and computer science. Many women have successful careers in these disciplines, and the future looks bright for Indian women in engineering.

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