Roots and Wings-Second Edition

I am thrilled to announce the release of the second edition of my book, “Roots and Wings: Inspiring Stories of Indian Women in Engineering” on Amazon. The audience for this edition is mainly those residing outside India.

A short note on this edition:

The first edition of Roots and Wings was published in 2018 by Notion Press. It has been available worldwide in print and electronic formats at many outlets. I live in the USA, where it is primarily available on Amazon. However, the printed version has become exorbitantly expensive.

By publishing this second edition using Kindle Direct Publishing, I hope to make this book affordable worldwide.

Another important reason for this edition is that when the first edition was published, I had to omit the very inspiring account of Dr. Narayani Narasimhan since I could not locate her for the interview. I had the fortune to connect with her finally in 2021. This edition includes her story, bringing the number of stories in this book to 30.

Find the book in print and Kindle formats on Amazon.